Telephone Banking


Middle East bank’s Telephone Banking provides 24/7 service and makes it possible for customers to perform certain banking transactions around-the-clock.
Customers may access the services of Telephone Banking by calling 42557.
Individuals may visit a branch and fill out the application form to gain access to this service for any of their bank accounts. Likewise, Legal Entities may complete the form and nominate a representative to access the service.
Using Telephone Banking requires username and a password. To transfer funds, the second telephone banking password is required (telephone banking transaction password). second telephone banking password is different from the “card second password”.    

Available services using Telephone Banking system include:

  • Hear account balance and account statement
  • Receive account statements via telefax
  • Pay bills such as utility: water, sewage, electricity and gas connections, mobile phone, traffic tickets and municipality bills across the country
  • internal fund transfer (among MEB accounts)
  • Hear status of issued checks
  • Hear the list of deposited checks
  • Hear  the accounts’ SHEBA number (IBAN)
  • Charge first and second passwords of Telephone Banking


*Since withdraw conditions could not be achieved in Telephone Banking, fund transfer nor pay bills is not feasible for Legal Entities and joint account holders.