Short-term Finance

Short Term Finance

Financing Manufacturing and Industrial Firms for the Purchase of Raw Material, Machinery and Equipment

The Middle East Bank meets the capital needs of manufacturing firms [industrial, mining and agricultural] and service firms for their production equipment, machinery and facilities, through the provision of production equipment, machinery and facilities and amenities for their manufacturing, agricultural, industrial, mining and service projects.

Financial Facilities, Out of Managed Funds Financial Facilities

out of the funds deposited with the MEB by the funds’ owners, are extended by the bank for the purposes designated by the funds’ owners.

Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing

Factoring and accounts receivable financing are the facilities offered by the Middle East Bank to suppliers of raw material, goods and services, against invoices confirmed by the buyers. In this method, the suppliers present to the Bank the invoices issued for the sale of goods to stores and buyers, who have a confirmed credit rating with the Bank, to get credit from MEB. The Bank, in return of the related collectable documents and with regard to the maturity dates, pays the finished cost of goods and services, subject matter of the invoice, to the seller.

Working Capital Loans

The Middle East Bank, with due regard to the liquidity cycle and through offering short term facilities, maximum one year, has prepared a suitable ground for the provision of working capital for economic units including commercial, service and manufacturing firms.

Supply Chain Finance Services

The Middle East Bank, through a combination of trade finance methods and using technical infrastructures and electronic networks, brings the parties of supply chain together and based on various factors and events occurring within the supply chain, offers the most appropriate financial products to one player or a set of the parties within the chain. Financing the supply chain is the provision of a set of solutions for:

  • increasing liquidity and working capital within the supply chain.
  • integrated management of accounts receivable and accounts payable of the chain players.

Corporate Relationship Management, who is responsible for the parties to the supply chain, carrying out analyses of the situation of each player and their interrelations, offers the most suitable combination of products and services to the chain players.

Import Financing [In Rials]

Import financing is a facility offered by MEB to economic units including manufacturing and trade firms which, in their supply chain, need to import from abroad. In this mode of finance, the Bank provides short term facilities to firms, in Rial, to meet a portion of their financial needs.