Personal Banking

بانکداری شخصی

Middle East Bank personal banking provides banking products and services for the customers.
Different types of services such as physical banking (in person at the branches), distant banking (the MEB representative goes to customers location and provides banking services in place)and electronic banking (Internet banking, Mobile banking,…) are available to meet Middle East Bank customers needs.

The most important products and services which are provided in personal banking are:

• Current account
• Saving account
• Time deposit account

Middle East Bank provides all SHETAB (Interbank Information Transfer Network) Cards services for the customers:

• Cash withdrawal
• Money transfers by cards
• Bill payments by through electronic banking channels
• Shopping by cards (through Physical and Online channels)

Money transfer
PAYA: to transfer the amounts less than 500 million Rials in 2 hours to any other bank account in the country.
SATNA: to transfer the amounts more than 150 million Rials in half an hour to any other bank account in the country.
Online money transfer: transferring money through Middle East Bank internet banking to Middle East Bank accounts and to other bank accounts by defining level of transfer.

Account opening for non-Iranian national customers
Non Iranian national customers can open account in Middle East bank by providing the required documents. Valued customers can contact any branch for more information.

Safe Box
Most of Middle East Bank branches provides safe box to customers who has deposit account with minimum of 1 billion Rials.

Issuing Guarantee Letter

Issuing Financial Ability Letter
Financial ability letter is a certificate which is issued by bank showing customers accounts balances in Farsi and English.

Electronic Banking
• Internet Banking
• Mobile Banking
• Telephone Banking

Ofogh Investment Fund

Distant Banking
Opening Personal Accounts, in addition to competitive rates and usual banking services has advantages for our special customers such as Distant Banking where the bank employees go to customers location and provide banking services.

General Personal Banking Services
MEB offers SMS services for all customers holding checking, savings, or other types of accounts.
MEB customers can use ATM services in all locations of the Irans national banking network.
Our customers can request for Safe Box in most MEB branches.
We do our best to provide parking space for all customers who wish to visit one of our branches.