Dynamic Password

Dynamic Password

Dynamic password, also known as one-time password (OTP), is a security mechanism, designed to reduce static password-related fraud and abuse when using e-banking applications. To that end, for certain banking operations, instead of using a static password, a temporary one-time password is generated and delivered to you either through text message (SMS) or MEB OTP mobile application which can be applied within 120 seconds to carry out the banking operation.

Middle East Bank offers three types of dynamic password
  • Dynamic password as the card PIN-2(for e-payments such as internet shopping, bill payments, Card-to-Card transfer and etc.)
  • Dynamic password, as transaction password, for internet banking transactions (except card transactions)
  • Dynamic password for logging into Internet Banking account
All dynamic passwords are available via MEB OTP mobile application or text message (SMS).

*For initial activation of MEB OTP mobile application it is necessary to be online and inside Iran. *Considering security, MEB OTP for iOS platforms can be downloaded only inside Iran.

To install and activate MEB OTP mobile app
  • Download and install iOS or Android version of MEB OTP application
  • Obtain the application registration PIN by visiting a branch or through Internet Banking and log in
  • Activate the app using the code sent to you via text message (SMS)
  • Choose a password for the application

Dynamic Password as Card PIN2

This PIN is used for all card-not-present transactions, such as utility bills payment, online shopping and card-to-card transfer via Mobile Banking or Internet Banking. Dynamic second PIN is required to perform card-not-present transactions.

  • Please note that the static second PIN can only be used to make transactions to a maximum of 1,000,000 Rials per day.

Dynamic Transaction Password

  • This password is required to conduct Internet Banking transactions that exceed the default amount (200 million Rials for individuals and 500 million Rials for legal entities)
  • To receive dynamic password for Internet Banking transactions you need to visit a branch at first and define whether you would like to receive the dynamic transaction password by text messages(SMS) or mobile application(MEB OTP).
  • You may request to make dynamic password mandatory for all your transactions on Internet banking regardless to the amount by visiting a MEB branch.

Dynamic Password for logging into Internet Banking

This password is a part of two-factor authentication mechanism for logging into Internet Banking.


There is no need to visit a branch for activating dynamic password for logging into Internet Banking and you may activate it simply when you want to login to your Internet Banking account.