Open Banking

بانکداری باز

Open Banking is a new approach spreading swiftly in the global banking industry. Using Open Banking approach, banking operations are no longer restricted to the bank branches. Open Banking provides customers with the opportunity to perform all their banking operations using their internal software without visiting a branch or manually making data entries in internet banking services.
It is worth mentioning that a direct link between the customer’s internal software and the core banking system is required to be established. So that customers may enjoy their access to MEB Open Banking plat-from. In other words, the central integrated banking system acts as the core layer and carries out the main operations, in which the intermediary customers’ software (financial, accounting, etc.) are linked to and are able to do their financial and banking processes through their internal systems, efficiently, securely and in real time. The cooperation of the two enables the bank to provide businesses with all services beyond regular working hours, around the clock.

Open Banking services:

  • account statements
  • Consolidated statement of POS terminals and payment accounts
  • POS terminal statements,
  • Consolidated statement of POS terminals and payment accounts
  • Verification of the validity of the account numbers, the IBAN numbers and card numbers
  • Convert account number to IBAN,
  • Collective destination validation
  • Receive account balance
  • Middle East Bank internal transactions,
  • Interbank transactions [Satna /Paya]
  • Card to card transactions
  • Account to card transactions
  • Bill payment
  • Batch transactions
  • List of the checks deposited to the account,
  • View Cheque book statues
  • SAYAD services
  • Add / Remove beneficiary
In order to download the Super Makers’ confirmation mobile application, use the following links:

Mobile application for the Super Maker confirmation(Live Environment)

Mobile application for the Super Maker confirmation(Test Environment)

Please note that in order to access Open Banking services, a direct link between customers’ internal software and the banks system is required. For further information please visit a Middle East Bank branch