Ofogh Investment Fund

صندوق سرمایه‌گذاری با درآمد ثابت (افق)

Ofogh Fixed-Income Investment Fund

Fixed-income investment funds are amongst the new instruments of Iran capital market. Such funds, obtaining incorporation and activity license from the Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO) are regarded as examples of investment funds referred to in paragraph (20), Article (1) of Iranian securities Market Act and paragraph (h), Article (1) of the Law for Development of New Financial Instruments and Institutions which , according to article (2) of the Law for Development of New Financial Instruments and Institutions, need to be registered with the Real Estate Registration Organization of Iran. The Funds, in compliance with the regulations, their articles of association and prospectus, operate under supervision of SEO.

Fund’s Goals and Strategy

The purpose of establishment of fixed-income investment funds is to raise capital from prospective investors to form and manage a portfolio of fixed-income assets. Alongside the above, a main objective of establishment of such funds is to offer products with risk-free return, enabling investors to balance their assets, such as risky shares, and better control and manage their portfolio of investments.

Professional Background of Fund’s Founders and Managers

  • Establishment of the first fixed-income investment fund with guaranteed return in 2006
  • Establishment of the first fixed-income investment fund with anticipated return in 2008

Bodies of the Fund

  • Fund’s registration manager: Middle East Bank Brokerage
  • Fund’s trustee: Argham Negar Ariya Auditing and Management Service Firm
  • Fund’s auditor: Faraz Moshaver Deilami Pour Auditing Firm

Advantages of Investing in the Fund

  • Anticipated return of 18% per annum, calculated on a daily basis and paid monthly
  • Issuance of registered investment certificate, tax-exempt
  • Low-risk, reasonable return
  • No fee for issuance

Minimum and Maximum amount of Investment in Units

The minimum investment amount at any time shall be one unit and the maximum cannot exceed 5% of the total number of fund’s investment units (the investment cap is 40,000,000 units)

Bank Account details

Account No: 1005-10-810-707071756, Middle East Bank, Baharestan branch.IBAN (Sheba) No.: IR 3707 8010 0510 8107 0707 11 56 Account holder: Middle East Bank Brokerage, Ofogh mutual investment fund Bank branch: Mahestan, code 1005

Redemption (Cancelation) of Investment Units

  • Submission of proof of identity (genuine birth certificate and national card), original investment certificate, filling in the form for redemption of investment units and obtaining redemption (cancelation) confirmation receipt at the bank branch or the main office of Middle East Bank Brokerage
  • Logging into: https://pyf.irbrokersite.ir or https://mebfunds.ir and filling in the application for redemption (cancellation) of units on internet

Distribution of Returns to Investors

Following start of operations of the Fund, at the end of each distribution period, the difference between present value of units and their base price is calculated and, proportionate to the number of units, is paid to holders who own units at the end of the concerned period

For further information please contact us through telephone number: 021-58405 or via http://ofoghfund.mebbco.com