MEB- Name and Logo

نام و نشان خاورمیانه

Bank’s Name

The expression “Middle East” became popular amongst European countries in 1850 A.D. and now, all countries across the world refer to the region between the Mediterranean Sea and the country of India by this name. The Arabic-speaking countries use “Alshrgh-ol- Owsat” and in Persian language, “Khavar-Mianeh” is used as the equivalent for which. These three expressions are the world-recognized names of this region and are not merely a word-by-word translation of the name. It is exactly like the expression “Persian Gulf” to refer to Khalij-e-Fars or the “Caspian Sea”, for the Khazar Sea, which are used in the world’s official literature and indicate that they are not just a translation or mentioning of the names. Taking note of the Middle East Bank’s strategic plan, which has regional and international operations high in the list of its principal objectives, using the common and world-renowned expression of “Middle East” is the most articulating and understandable equivalent for “Khavar-Mianeh”, and the expressions such as “Khavarmianeh” are by no means articulating and understandable for the audience. Such naming tradition is quite customary in non-English-speaking countries and the banks in Arab countries of the region, and also the countries in East Asia, use comprehensible English equivalents for their names.

Bank’s Logo

The word “Khavar”, in Persian language, means “Sun” and the sun is the source of energy, warmth and power and an appropriate symbol for trustworthiness of the bank’s operations. The logo consists of 8 three-branch sections. In ancient civilizations and old-time Iranian designs, the sun was shown with eight wings in different directions and the lines of the logo, in addition to indicating warmth and energy of the sun, on the other side, represent wheel, financial flow and ease of doing business. Each of the eight branches consists of three lines which converge on one side to a single spot and are free on the other side. Regarding the international aspects of the bank’s English name, the initials have been used in the logo. In fact, Middle East, begins with two letters of “M” and “E” which by turning and writing them from the same angel, they will resemble each other. The white circle on the right side of the logo is an indication of where the sun rises and the light orange color, representing the vibrancy and energy of the sun, is a sign of banking operations.