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Historically the trade links between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Islamic Republic of Iran have been very strong.

This background, under normal circumstances, provides a good potential for further growth and calls for strengthening financial ties between the two countries.

For this purpose, Munich seems to have been a natural choice for a base between business partners in Bavaria/Southern Germany and Iran.

As is often the case, politics and business proved to be most untrustworthy partners.

In our case, MEB had to wait until some political entente was arrived at and then, with the easing of the Sanctions on Iran in 2016, tried to enhance its links with partners and associates in the two countries and reviewed its own business strategy based on that exchange.

Our gestures were favorably received and this encouraged us to apply for a banking license for the establishment of a branch in Munich and start the build-up process in 2017.

Middle East Bank, Munich Branch was registered at the commercial Register of Munich in August 2018 and, after finalizing the process, started its active operations on December 21st, 2018. Obviously, our primary mission is to provide financial services to facilitate trade relations between Iran and Germany, covering the entire value chain of a Trade Finance Special Bank. Our vision is to be a strong partner for Iranian and German clients as an independent bank with a private ownership structure, offering modern financial solutions and adding value to all stakeholders.

Our objective is also to strictly respect governing international rules and standards, which is the motto of our Head Office, at home and abroad.


Munich Branch is a direct member of the EU payment systems TARGET2 and SEPA, and is actively connected to the SWIFT network. The branch works under German/EU rules and regulations.

It provides, inter alia, trade finance services, e.g. Letters of Credit and Guarantees as well as payment services.

With the renewal of the Sanctions, the Munich Branch focuses on businesses from the private sector which are involved in humanitarian goods to create and support tailor-made solutions for their needs.

Information/ Contacts

German Banking Sort Code (Bankleitzahl): 700 108 00


Middle East Bank, Munich Branch, Landsberger Straße 406, D-81241 München, Germany

+49 (0)89/21539820

+49 (0)89/215398299

Managing Director

Mr. Werner Lang

Managing Director/Sales

Mr. Vahid Moshrefi