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Multinationals Registered in Iran

MNC Banking is a specialized department within MEB. It deals with initiating and maintaining proper banking relationship with multinational companies that are operating in Iran or plan to start an operation here.
The MNC Relationship Management group works with its clients to understand their business needs and to provide them with the most suitable products and services to meet their local and overseas requirements.

Working Capital Finance
To finance current assets, and seasonal or cyclical financing needs and supporting sales growth of your company.

Project Finance
Project finance is the medium to long-term financing of industrial and   infrastructure projects based upon the projected cash flows of the projects rather than the balance sheets of the sponsors.

Trade Loans
Trade loans are an important and well-established trade finance technique. It is particularly suited to wholesalers and manufacturers. They can be used for regular or one-off purchases of finished products and raw materials. Financing might be extended until payment from the sale of goods is received.

Letters of Guarantee
Issued in support of our clients to demonstrate their financial credibility, as well as their ability to meet contractual obligations undertaken.

Trade Finance and Letters of Credit
Including the wide range of trade finance services, for both importers and exporters.

Supplier Finance
Our clients’ suppliers may obtain early payment of their invoices over our supplier finance platform, providing maneuverability to our clients to manage their working capital.

Supply Chain Finance
A set of technology-based business and financing processes that link the various parties in a transaction – the buyer, the seller, and financing institution – to lower financing costs and improved business efficiency. Supply chain finance (SCF) provides short-term credit that optimizes working capital for both the buyer and the seller. It generally involves the use of a technology platform in order to automate transactions and track the invoice approval and settlement process from initiation to completion. There are a number of SCF transactions, including the extension of buyer’s accounts payable terms, inventory finance and payables discounting.

Cash Management Services
Offer value-added solutions for Working Capital Management of the corporate aimed at streamlining the domestic business flows by optimizing the payables and receivables cycles and providing superior liquidity management.