Money Transfer Services

خدمات انتقال وجوه

Transferring amounts less than 500 million Rials in 2 hours to any other bank account in the country.

Transferring amounts more than 150 million Rials in half an hour to any other bank account in the country.

Online Money Transfer
Transferring money through Middle East Bank internet banking to Middle East Bank accounts and to other bank accounts by defining level of transfer.

Manager’s Cheque (MC)
Issuing by the bank, payable to a payee as indicated by the person who requests for the MC. It is often used in situations when the beneficiary does not accept cash or personal cheques.

Banker’s Cheque
Issuing by the bank, drawing money from its own funds rather than that from an account holder’s. Banker’s cheque is issued after the bank verifies the account status of the requestor and the amount is immediately deducted from the customer’s account. This cheque is payable in any MEB branches and in other banks branches by clearing.