Mobile Banking


Mobile Banking as one of electronic banking products offered by Middle East Bank enables customer to conduct various financial transactions, using mobile phones, with no time constraint. Our Mobile Banking offers following services to dear customers:

  • View active account(s) statement and available funds
  • View financial transactions over 12- month period, shown on charts
  • View account information (opening date, name and code of opening branch, IBAN (SHEBA) number)
  • View all the branches and Middle East Bank ATMs’ location
  • Mobile Banking application is available both in English and Persian
  • When enabling the dynamic password, the dynamic password application (MEB OTP) can be, automatically, called during Card-to-Card transactions
  • Monitor and repayment of facility
  • Monitor Credit Card bills and repayment of them
  • Monitor transactions’ status of the company accounts, approved/rejected by authorized signatories
  • View the status and details of your Middle East Bank checkbooks (cashed, unused, etc.)
  • Monitor the checks and their status view all checks deposited to your accounts
  • Add details such as amount, date and recipient to your Middle East Bank checks
  • Sayad services: all services required to issue, receive, transfer and inquire the status of new checks in accordance with the new Check Issuance Law and CBI regulations
  • Transfer funds through SHETAB (Interbank Information Transfer Network) or non-SHETAB card-to-card transfer, with the option to save or delete the recipient’s card number
  • Inter-bank fund transfer, RTGS or ACH payments using IBAN (SHEBA) No
  • Transfer money into customer’s own accounts or other’s in Middle East Bank with the option to save or delete the recipient’s account number
  • Possibility to pay all utility bills across the country (ATM barcode scanner available)
  • Repayment of credit card debts
  • The option to confirm transactions, initiated by makers, personal accountants or joint holders of account at Internet Banking, by the authorized signatories for legal customers, individual customers' joint accounts or personal finance management
  • Possibility for Super Maker to control funds transfers (initiated by Makers at the Internet Banking) through mobile banking
  • Possible to leave notes on transactions
  • Possible to add details, description, on internal transaction(s)
  • Possibility to add the details on inter-bank transactions, to be viewed in the source account
  • Possible to reprint and share receipt of all transactions done in Mobile Banking
  • Possible to save all receipts in a separate folder in a Gallery, under the name of Middle East Bank, if activated
  • Possible to save the Source Card Verification Value (CVV2) and its expiry date
  • Management of all cards (disable/change second password, block the card)
  • Manage beneficiaries
  • Account(s) management option
  • Possible to change login password, transaction password
  • Authentication using biometrics (fingerprint/face recognition) for logging into application, transaction password and the card’s second password
  • View everyday foreign exchange rates

How to receive Mobile Banking Application for iOS

Having installed mobile banking application for iOS device, follow these steps:
1. Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management
2. Choose A.Y. Technologies Inc.
3. Select Trust

How to receive Mobile Banking Application for Android

To enable the Mobile Banking application, you should have already received the Internet banking Username and Password from the MEB branches.
Having received the Mobile banking application, as described above, follow these steps:
1. Enter the Internet banking username and password
2. Enter the displayed security code, which appears in writing but needs to be entered in numbers
3. Create your desired application password
After completion of the above steps, an enabling password is sent to the mobile number, which you have already given to the bank. Entering this password makes the mobile banking application ready for use.

For more information you may call ASHNA (Customer Relations Center) +9821-42557 or a branch of Middle East Bank.

Mobile Banking Guide