Middle East Bank’s Strategy

استراتژی بانک

Middle East Bank (MEB) aims to be the most trusted and value-creating Iranian bank in the domestic and international banking sector. It defines its mission as becoming a leading and most reliable financial institution, providing efficient financial solutions to professional individuals and businesses, while contributing to the national economy and creating value for its customers, employees and shareholders. MEB intends to achieve its goals while strictly adhering to financial ethics.

MEB operates primarily as a wholesale bank, providing financing and investment solutions to its corporate clients, high net-worth individuals and high income earners. Accordingly, rather than focusing on proliferation of branches, MEB has been leveraging on its preeminent position in technology to deliver services to clients. These delivery channels are quite unique in Iran, taking banking services to the offices and homes of its clients through distance banking as well as e-banking tools. Following this approach, while satisfying the customers’ needs, MEB has experienced significant economy in operating costs and a corresponding increase in profitability.

Since the commencement of operations in 2012, MEB has pioneered new standards of transparency, quality of services, and focusing on IT. In line with its mission and vision, MEB has adopted coherent strategies at both the business level and operational level. MEB’s senior management is confident that it will achieve all the goals set forth in its five-year business plan.

MEB’s business strategies for the next five years are as follows:
• Putting into effect the projected development of human resources in both quantitative and qualitative terms;
• Calibrating the Bank structure and resources to customers’ requirements;
• Achieving sustainable and growing profitability and acceptable organic growth in all areas;
• Leading effective implementation of risk management, internal audit, and compliance with domestic and international rules and regulations;
• Achieving a significant growth in trade finance and international banking;
• Developing investment banking and project financing services through National Development Fund of Iran and Islamic financial instruments;
• Creating a sustainable competitive advantage in information technology and e-banking tools and technologies;
• Focusing on innovative products and services, and customized solutions tailored to the needs of clients.