Message from the Managing Director

پیام مدیرعامل

Middle East Bank (MEB) was founded on the premise to provide
a) Wholesale banking with a limited number of branches; 
b) A larger target market beyond our borders, as opposed to a totally domestically oriented bank. 
I am honored and happy to have the opportunity to serve MEB, and together with my colleagues, we expect to build a bank like no others in our country. MEB may be small in size but it is built on big ideas.
Our mission is to sustain a healthy and manageable growth for our bank. This will be achieved by means of a modern and dynamic strategy backed by solid risk management and good corporate governance. In addition to our unwavering commitment to the very highest ethical standards and professionalism, we continually strive to advance the interests of our clients, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders of the Bank.
We have obtained the necessary license from the Central Bank of Iran for offering import/export services to support clients with such needs. Considering the sanctions imposed on our country we have decided to limit the scope of our activities to foodstuff and pharmaceutical goods for the time being. Accordingly, we have voluntarily restricted our import services to the mentioned products until the international sanctions on Iran are lifted.
With respect to our other services, I am pleased to announce that we have been able to offer an array of quality, progressive services in a very short period of time. Our corporate banking service has already achieved great success.
I hope that with God’s will we can serve and further the interests of our nation’s economy with our activities. In the pursuit of this important mission and our aforementioned objectives we have trained many young, well-educated and hardworking colleagues who will take this bank far beyond what was originally envisioned. I am very fortunate to have the patronage of our clients, respectable shareholders, first-class directors, and excellent colleagues. Together we hope to be able to make our mark on the banking scene in Iran and pave the way for a brighter future for all of us.

Parviz Aghili Kermani (Ph.D)