MEB Brokerage

MEB Brokerage Firm

Middle East Bank Brokerage Company has been established in March 1995 with total paid-in capital of 100 million Iranian RLS and registered in TEHRAN judiciary registration Dept. under number 120215. Company’s previous name was “SAHAM POUYA” and new owners of the company changed the name to the current name in 2013. Middle East Bank Brokerage firm acts as integrated part of bank’s value chain as one of its affiliates and has been focused on Iranian stock and capital markets and OTC markets. Currently, Company’s activity goes beyond and includes various financial services and products in 7 main following areas:

Stock transactions in Tehran Stock Exchange market

Stock transactions in Iranian OTC

Providing online trading services to clients 

 Mercantile Exchange

Creating and establishing mutual funds and fund management services

Company listing services in Tehran Stock Exchange market

Company listing services in OTC’S

1st floor ,No.277, Between Nelson Mandela and Valiasr Street, Dastgerdi (Zafar) Avenue, Tehran, Iran