MEB Life Insurance

ME Life Insurance

The First specialized life insurance company in Iran

The Middle East Life Insurance Company (public stock) has been registered with a group of top managers of the insurance industry and banking, industry owners and investment professionals on 27 of December 2016 on the basis of the law of the establishment of non - governmental insurance institutions during license of the Central Insurance Republic of Iran and with capital of 1.2 billion Rails. The Middle East Life Insurance Company is the first specialized life insurance provider in Iran based on updated risk management methods, business intelligence, and information technology to innovate and create new insurance products.

Presentation of modern projects in life insurance

The Middle East Life Insurance company is expanding and enriching insurance products, creating the necessary infrastructure, marketing and selling insurance products and participating in international arena.

Financial wealth levels

According to the Central Insurance Organization laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the level of wealth has the ability to fulfill the obligations of an insurance company against customers and owners of their rights. In compliance with the provisions of that, the Middle East Life Insurance Company has the highest level of financial wealth.


Achieving the first rank in Iran among the other insurance companies in providing life insurance services.


To realize the goals and fulfillment of its mission, the Middle East life Insurance Company has taken the following goals:

  • Introduction of a variety of life insurance products tailored to the purchasing power and the real need of customers
  • Taking knowledge and experience of the insurance brokers in the insurance industry
  • Using creativity and motivation of the talented people in the insurance industry
  • Providing economic prosperity and social welfare, contribute to economic prosperity and investment in the country

Technical and expertise capabilities

Hiring the scientific and experimental treasures of managers and experts in the insurance industry, The Middle East Life Insurance Company is prepared to provide suitable and desirable insurance covers in different types of life insurance.

Sales network

The most desirable services to customers in the Middle East Life Insurance Company is issuing units via senior managers and sales representatives.

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