ME Life Insurance

ME Life Insurance

Middle East Life Insurance Company (MELICo.) is the first specialized life insurance company in Iran. MELICo. is a subsidiary of  Middle East Bank which is headquartered in Tehran, Iran and offers comprehensive and professional protection solutions and services to both individual and corporate customers.

Life is unpredictable, no matter how careful you are or how you think your life will look in the future. That is what life insurance is concerned about. Life insurance allows you to take control of uncertainties in both your life and business .With buying life insurance whether as a business or an individual, you are walking through a safe path in your life

Middle East Life Insurance Company is a customer-focused company, dedicated to developing and providing innovative and unique products based on the market and the needs of our customers in Iran.

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No. 7, 6th  St., Ahmad Qasir (Bucharest) Avenue, Tehran, Iran

  Postal Code:  1514717911

P.O. Box: 15875-3464 Tehran, Iran