Internet Banking for Individual Persons

اینترنت‌بانک ویژه اشـخاص‌‌ حقیقی

Middle East Bank offers Internet Banking service for dear customers to facilitate banking operations.

Management of accounts and conducting banking operations are achievable with only few clicks. Internet banking offers distinctive opportunities and spares time for increased focus on better management of your accounts.

To get started, visit a branch of us and receive your own password and username,go to the Bank’s website at and login to your Internet Banking account.

Internet Banking Services for Individual Persons:

Account Services

Summary of Accounts
  • View summary of all active accounts with their details such as account type, account No., currency, available balance, freeze amount, IBAN (Sheba) No. and etc.
  • Summary of facilities, guarantee and Letter of accounts is also available
Monitoring Accounts
  • Monitor accounts, view or download account statements up to one-year intervals
Point of Sale (POS) Report
  • View and download reports of POS transaction records. (for customers who have POS terminals)

Fund Transfer Services

Internal Fund Transfer
  • Transfer money between customer’s own account(s) or others in the Middle East Bank
ACH/RTGS (interbank)
  • Transfer money (ACH(Paya)/ RTGS (Satna) orders) to other banks using IBAN (Sheba) No.
  • Recipient’s IBAN inquiry at the moment is feasible
Batch Transaction
  • Make internal or ACH (Paya) fund transfers to multiple recipients simultaneously by adding several accounts as recipients or uploading a batch transfer file
  • view and print receipts for batch payment records, separately or collectively
Card to Card Fund Transfer
  • Transfer money to MEB cards and all other “Shetab” member cards
    *Shetab refers to Interbank Information Transfer Network (IIN)
Scheduled Transactions
  • Schedule future transactions on specific dates or daily and monthly intervals
  • View/ canceled standing orders

Check Services

  • view all checks deposited to your accounts.
  • view the status and details of your Middle East Bank checkbooks (cashed, unused, etc.)
  • Add details such as amount, date and recipient to your Middle East Bank checks
  • SAYAD services: all services required to issue, receive, transfer and inquire the status of new checks in Accordance with the new Check Issuance Law and CBI regulations

Bill Payment Services

  • Pay all utility bills such as water, electricity, gas and telephone as well as traffic tickets and other municipal bills.

Card Services

  • Block Cards
  • Change Card’s second password status
  • View Cards’ list and Status
  • Set limits for card

Facilities and Commitment Services

Monitoring the Facilities
  • View details of facilities including payment and repayments’ information
Repayment of Facilities
  • Repay facilities conveniently by choosing amounts or installments


Credit Card Services

  • View statement for current or past periods and details of purchases
  • Pay off credit card’s bill.
  • Block credit card or change its second pin.


Fund Transfer Report
  • View or download based on transaction type (internal, PAYA/SATNA, bill pay, etc.)
  • Reprint transaction receipts
  • View or download Terminal statements
Credit Report
  • View or download fund transfer reports of all installment facilities, including details as well as payment and repayment statements
  • View or download reports of all facilities in detail, including payment and repayment statements of non-instalment facilities, debt purchase and facilities related to guarantees
  • View or download reports of guarantees and details of guarantees issued in IRR, including related details and issuance, amendment and cancellation statements
  • View the list and details of frozen accounts
  • Request official signed and stamped credit reports from middle east bank branches
International Report
  • View or download reports of guarantees issued in foreign currencies
  • View or download reports of bills for collection
  • View or download report of letters of credit (L/C) in foreign currencies
  • View or download report of foreign currencies remittances
  • Request official signed and stamped credit reports from middle east bank branches

Services to Joint Account Holders

  • All aforementioned Internet Banking services are available for joint account holders as well.
  • Transfer of funds for joint account holders is made in compliance with the withdrawal terms and conditions, as stipulated in the Account Opening Application Form.

Personal Accountant

  • Induvial customers may request internet banking access for their personal financial managers or accountants, this type of users may have permission to initiate transactions via Middle East Bank Internet Banking and these transactions will be carried out only with account holders’ approval.
  • Personal Financial Managers’ access on accounts is customized based on the account holders request and they can receive their own username and a password by visiting a branch of Middle East Bank.
  • Personal accountant(s) may add attachments to transactions, such as photos and PDF documents

Consider following notes while utilizing Internet Banking

Login Password
  • A unique username and password are given to each individual user by visiting a Middle East Bank branch.
  • Users will have to change their password after their first login.
  • After receiving the password, users will have seven days to log in and activate their account. Otherwise, they should visit a branch to receive a new password.
  • If a wrong password is entered five times (in a row), the user’s account will be blocked. Therefor, he is required to visit a Branch to reactivate their account.
  • In case you have forgotten your password please visit a branch.
Two-factor authentication for logging into Internet Banking

Two-factor authentication includes a static and a dynamic password to log into Internet Banking and is used to reduce security risk and threats such as hack, fishing or disclosure of users’ banking information.
You may receive your one-time login password through one of the following:

  • SMS
  • MEB OTP application

There is no need to visit a branch for activating two-factor authentication and you may activate it simply when you want to login to your Internet Banking account.

Transaction Password
  • Transaction password is required to conduct transactions (except card to card transfer) or change a setting on Internet Banking.
  • Transaction password at Internet Banking and Mobile Bank is the same. Therefore, changing transaction password in one would affect the other.
  • In case you have forgotten your transaction password please visit a branch.
One-Time Transaction Password
  • One-time (dynamic) password, which can replace the static password, is a security mechanism, designed to reduce risk of fraud and misuse of passwords.
  • One-time password, for transactions exceeding the default amount limit for internet banking (200,000,000 IRR for individual persons) is required.
  • Customers may request using Dynamic passwords for all internet banking transactions.
  • One-time password is available while using MEB OTP mobile app or via SMS.
  • In order to activate dynamic passwords please visit a branch.
Card PIN2 (Static/ Dynamic)
  • MEB internet banking conducts card-to-card transfers using the PIN2.
  • Dynamic PIN2 for card transactions over 1,000,000 Rial is mandatory.
  • You may activate your PIN2, via MEB OTP mobile app or SMS, using settings on your Internet Banking account or by visiting a branch.



For more information you may call ASHNA (Customer Relations Center) +9821-42557 or a branch of Middle East Bank.

Internet Banking Guide (Individual Persons)