Internet Banking for Individual Persons

اینترنت‌بانک ویژه اشـخاص‌‌ حقیقی

Middle East Bank Internet banking provides its esteemed customers with access to online banking services.
Management of accounts and conducting the bulk of banking operations are now achievable with only a few clicks. Internet banking offers distinctive opportunities and spares time for increased focus on better management of your accounts.
To enjoy Middle East Bank Internet banking, visit a branch to receive a password and username, go to the Bank’s website at https// and log in to Internet Banking.
The Internet banking services for individual persons include the followings:

Account Services
Summary of Accounts
Summary of all individual and joint accounts, including the short-term accounts, long-term accounts and current accounts, together with their details such as account type, account number, type of currency, available balance of the account, frozen amount, IBAN (Sheba) number, name of the branch where the account opened and account status are displayed. If loan is extended or a guarantee or Letter of Credit issued, a summary of which are also displayed.

Monitoring the Accounts
The customer can monitor the accounts and the financial transactions of various accounts which can be tracked and controlled in one-year intervals.
Point of Sale Reports
If the customer uses a POS terminal, it would be possible for him to get reports and control the funds transferred to his account through the POS terminal.

Fund Transfer Report
• Reporting on the payment of bills, repayment of loans, card-to-card fund transfers and all other transactions, separately, made through Middle East Bank Internet-banking,
• tracking and reprinting of the transactions made via the internet-banking,
• displaying the details of any transactions conducted in various ways, on a separate basis.

Card Services
• blocking the card,
• displaying the card status,
• changing the card’s second static password,
• deactivating the card’s second dynamic (one-time) password

Bill Payment Services
• It is possible to pay all utility bills such as water and electricity connections, gas and telephone as well as traffic tickets and municipal accounts.

Fund Transfer services
In-Bank fund transfer
You can use this service to transfer funds from your account with the MEB to another account of yours or account of others with the MEB.

Placing Standing Orders
• This service enables you to carry out numerous fund transfers from your account to one or many other accounts with the MEB on predetermined dates on a daily or monthly basis.
• It is also possible to monitor or to cancel the standing order(s).

Fund Transfer Between Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
• This service can be used to transfer funds to accounts with other banks.
• To gain confidence about the destination account, the IBAN could be verified through an inquiry.

Transfer of Funds to Multiple Beneficiaries
• Internal and ACL transfer of funds permit instant fund transfers to one or multiple accounts and provide for multiple file uploading.
• It allows display and print of receipts of multiple funds transfers, separately or collectively.

Card to Card Money Transfer
Using this icon, you can transfer money from the MEB cards to any other financial institution which is a member of Shetab(Interbank Information Transfer Network (IIN)).

Check Services
• Monitoring the checks deposited with the Bank (to be cleared)
• Monitoring the status and details of the checkbooks of the user in the Middle East Bank (cashed, unused,…….)
• Choice of registration of the amount, date and details of the payee by the payor.

Facilities and commitment services
• Monitoring the facilities
• It is possible to monitor the details of facilities
• Repayment of facilities
This icon displays the repayment amount, for partnership contracts, and the number and amounts of installments in the Exchange Contract.

Services to Joint Account Holders
The afore-mentioned services are also offered to users of joint accounts, provided that the regulations and requirements of the Middle East Bank is met.
Transfer of funds for joint account holders is made in compliance with the withdrawal terms and conditions, as stipulated in the Account Opening Application Form.

Personal Finance Management
If found necessary and upon customer request, it would be possible for Individual customers of the Bank to add one or more users (Personal Finance)
Regarding the Middle East Bank trend, the added user could obtain the right to conduct transactions via internet banking.
Any person nominated as added user, within the access restrictions, obtains a user name and a password from the branch.
Uploading attachments, such as photos and PDF documents, are permitted for all personal transactions of the added user.
Points to Note When Using Internet Banking for Individual Persons

Login Password
• To access Internet Banking, a username and password is required which is offered at the branch.
• When you log on to Internet Banking for the first time, it is strongly advisable to change your password.
• Having received the password, you’ll have 7 days to log onto your user account.
• If incorrect password entered for 3 times, the user’s account gets blocked
• Reactivation of the one-time password, to log onto internet bank, can be done through mobile messaging.

Transaction password
Login password is required for fund transfer via internet banking, which can be set when the first transfer is made through internet banking.

One-time Transaction password
The one-time (dynamic) password, which can replace the static password, is a security mechanism, designed to reduce the threat of fraud and misuse of passwords.
The dynamic password, for transactions exceeding the predetermined amounts for internet banking (200,000,000 IRR for individual persons) is required.  
Dynamic password, even for less than the predetermined amounts, is provided to all MEB customers.
The One-time password is generated by an application or sent by mobile message to the customers.

Second Password (static and Dynamic)
The second bank card (static) password can be received through Middle East Bank ATM, while the second (dynamic)   password is available through the application.
MEB internet banking conducts card to card transfers using the second password.