Internet Banking for Individual Persons

اینترنت‌بانک ویژه اشـخاص‌‌ حقیقی

Internet bank provides the customers with unique services, making it possible to better focus on and manage the accounts.
In order to enjoy the Middle East Bank internet services, the username and password should to be taken from the branch and be inserted in the internet bank icon on the homepage of the Middle East bank webpage at: .

The interbank services for individual persons are as per followings:

Account Services
Summary of accounts
a summary of the customer’s single and joint accounts, including short and long term as well as current  accounts  and details thereof such as account number, type of account, type of foreign currency, disposable (usable) amount, blocked amount, Shaba number, the branch in which the account opened and status of the account are shown. In addition, if facilities have been taken or guarantees/LCs have been issues, a summary of them is displayed.
Access to account statement: it is possible to receive and control the statements and financial transactions, relating to various accounts, for the last 365 days.

Card services
• Blocking the card.
• Changing the second password.
• Seeing the status of the cards.

Bill Services
• Payment of utility bills (tap water, gas and electricity).
• Reporting the paid utility bills and possibility to print them out.

Money transfer services
Customary fund transfer
• To transfer money from your own account to  your other accounts or accounts of others, use this service,
• Set the cap for transaction to each of the defined beneficiaries.

Planned fund transfer
• This service provides the possibility to  make numerous transfers from your account to another or many other accounts held with the Middle East Bank, on specified dates on periodical or continual basis.

Collective money transfer
• By clicking the “add account” icon in the Customary Fund Transfer,  It is possible to transfer money from your own account with the Middle East Bank to many other accounts with the same bank simultaneously.
Money transfer through Satna and Paya
This service is used for transfer of funds to other accounts held with other banks. This service provides Collective and planned money transfer as well.
Capability to inquire the Sheba number for ensuring accuracy of the destination account
• Possibility of printing out collective transfers via Satna and Paya, separately for each transaction.
Card to Card money transfer
• This service makes it possible to transfer from the Middle East Bank cards to all other financial institutions who are Shetab members.

Viewing the status of transfers for planned payments
• This service gives access to the information on fund transfers for planned payments

Details of POS terminal and portal  transactions
• Provides details of  transactions made through POS terminal or via portal

Check Services
• Access to the list of check leafs deposited with the Bank to be transferred into account later on,
• Access to the list and details of the account owner’s check books, number of check leafs which have been cashed, number of unused check leafs, etc.,
• Recording the amount and date of the written  checks  for the customer’s information,

SMS services
It is possible to activate the SMS service for any of the accounts with the Middle East Bank, through registration of the mobile phone number and adjusting the setting for alerts.

Services to joint account owners
The above-said services are also available to joint account holders having observed the terms and conditions of the Middle East Bank.
Money transfer for joint account holders is made in compliance with the withdrawal terms inserted in the Account Opening form.

Points to be noted when using internet banking for the individual persons:
• It is advised to study the Individual Person’s Internet Banking Manual before logging on to use internet banking services. The Manual is available on the MEB website.
• Using internet bank services requires username and password which is submitted by the branch.
• Visit Middle East Bank website at: ,click the Internet Bank icon and punch in the username and the password to log onto the portal.
• Internet bank service comes with two passwords, one for entering the system and the other, as the transactions password for transferring funds from customer’s account to other accounts.
• The time limit to make the first visit to the account is seven days.
• In case of three times inserting the password wrongly, the user’s account is blocked.
• Change the password the first time you enter the Middle East bank portal (the new password should only include English letters and numbers).
• The user can apply for one-time (disposable) password. In such case, at the time of transferring money, the disposable password is sent to him/her.
• The customer should change the username and the password  after the first time logging into the Middle East Bank internet banking system.
• A second password can be acquired through Middle East Bank ATMs and is required when making card to card fund transfer or for paying bills.