Foreign Investment in Iran

Foreign Investment In Iran
After nearly 48 years, the new law on foreign investment in Iran under the name of “Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act” (FIPPA) was ratified by the Parliament in 2002. FIPPA replaced the “Law of Attraction and Protection of Foreign Investment” (LAPFI) which was in effect since 1955. FIPPA’s replacement of LAPFI has further enhanced the legal framework and operational environment for foreign investors in Iran.
In the following section we provide the relevant laws and regulations on foreign investments and outline the main features and the incentives they create for foreign investors to enter the Iranian market.

Laws on Foreign Investment

Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA)
Implementing Regulation of Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act 
The Regulations Governing Foreign Investments in the Iranian Exchanges and OTC Markets

A Closer Look at FIPPA

Features and Benefits of FIPPA
The Center of foreign Investment Services
Incentives and Benefits of Foreign Investments in Iran
Procedure for Foreign Investors