Foreign Currency Guarantee

ضمانت‌نامه‌های ارزی

A bank guarantee is a form of security, used as a reliable form of protection if the applicant defaults on their contractual obligations under a contract at the local and international level. 
MEB offers several types of Guarantees and Counter Guarantees to their corporate clients, and provides unique solutions by the grace of a broad network e.g. its Munich Branch, correspondent banks and Subsidiaries.

Types of guarantees

Tender guarantee (bid bond)
Good Performance guarantee 
Advance payment guarantee
Custom guarantee 
Retention money guarantee

The tenor of bank guarantees is limited to one year. However, it is subject to change by various micro and macro-economic factors i.e. borrower’s position, industry norms, market conditions, etc. 
Our guarantees will assure your partners of your financial integrity. 
We offer various types of guarantees to ensure meeting and exceeding your business's financial needs. 


 Funds are used more effectively 
 Building Credibility and reliance for applicant in local and international markets
 Protection and security in case of applicant’s default on its undertaking
 Time_saving and low service charges

Middle East Bank professionals are ready to assist you with complete consulting support, to ensure we understand your business needs and to provide the services in your best interest. 
For more information about application requirements, due diligence, and credit assessment process contact our experts in the international department.