Financial Facilities


The Middle East Bank, in line with offering its corporate banking services and in addition to provision of general services to businesses, using its expert bankers designs and offers a set of tailor-made services and facilities to satisfy the needs of each corporate customers. Placing importance on needs and conditions of each customer is amongst the main issues that the Middle East bank takes high into consideration with regard to its relations with the customers.

Short-Term Finance

with the purpose of assisting growth and prosperity of various economic sectors, the Banks Credit Management , in line with the corporate banking goals and based on the customers requirements and needs, offers short-term finance ( one year maximum) to its customers.
The procedure:

  • Receiving the customer ‘s written request ,
  • Examining the request and related documents and proofs and suggesting the same to the Credit Pillars,
  • Notification of credit approval to the customer
  • Getting collaterals and concluding an agreement with the customer
  • The Bank records a debt/liability for the customer (grants the loan)
  • Long Term Finance