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About MEB

• Where is MEB headquarters?
       No. 2, 5th St., Ahmad Qasir (Bucharest) Avenue, Tehran, Iran

• Who is the CEO of MEB?
       Parviz Aghili-Kermani is Board Member and Managing Director of  MEB 

• How was MEB established?
       Middle East Bank (MEB) was established by a group of bankers, businessmen, and
       industrialists based on their evaluation of the present banking system in Iran, their
       projections for its future potential, and of consideration of its regional opportunities.

• When was MEB formed?
       The Middle East Bank was officially incorporated on 21st of October, 2012
       under registration number 430795 with the Company Registrars Office in Tehran.      

• Whats MEBs mission?
       MEBs mission is to be the provider of first class services to a substantial and diversified
       client base with emphasis on compliance with laws and regulations, financial transparency,
       and value creation by its young, vibrant, and educated workforce. 

• What is MEBs business structure?
       MEB as a wholesale bank, focusing mainly on corporate clients
       and specialized credit products.

• How many people work at MEB?
       MEB has 502 employees.

(The data for 2020//04 are based on HR reports.)

Shareholders information

• What is the classification and percentage of shareholders in MEB?
     Individuals  : 66.8% of shares
     Institutions  : 33.2% of shares

• How can I contact with Shareholders department?
      No. 2, 5th St., Ahmad Qasir (Bucharest) Avenue, Tehran, Iran
     Tel:   +98-21-42178020 
     Fax: +98-21-88729851

Financial Information

• Where can I find MEBs results?
     Information on MEBs results can be found in Financial Statements section. 

• How can I receive an MEB annual report?
     You can download the Annual Report in Financial Statements section.

Internet Banking

• How to get a new Internet Banking login Password?
     By going to your branch you can get a new internet banking login password.
     You should change the password in the first login.

• How to get an Internet Banking transaction Password?
     If you have selected to use transaction password you are able to set it in the first transaction
     or parameter changes. 
     The transaction password is not delivered by the branch.

• How Can I change the login and transaction password for the internet banking service?
     In login page, you may choose the Password Change option. 

• What can I do if I have forgotten my password, or my user ID got locked?
     You should go to the branch and be identified by a branch officer to get your User ID unlocked.
     If you have only forgotten your login password the branch will deliver another password.
     If you have forgotten your transaction password you can call your branch.

Contact Information

• How can I contact with MEBs department?
      You can contact our departments in Contact Information  and our branches in Branches section.