Escrow Account

Escrow Account
In today’s business environment, entering new markets and dealing with unfamiliar counterparties are common issues and this has increased transaction risks. However, these are often overlooked in the quest for growth and opportunity. Under such circumstances, there is a need for the assistance of a trusted third party to help manage the complexities of transactions and make your arrangements quickly, accurately and securely. The support of an escrow agent who is able to certify and centralize transaction flows in a complex deal would be beneficial and advantageous. In fact, “Escrow Account” is a risk mitigation tool, allowing two parties in a financial transaction to resolve various risk issues, mostly Moral Hazard-related risks, that might unfold during the course of a transaction.
Middle East Bank, as your escrow agent, is ready to lend a hand for a wide variety of transactions, including:
• Real-estate Presell
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Joint Venture Arrangements
• Corporate Restructuring
• Capital Raising
• Counterparty Risk Mitigation
• Global Trade