Digital Banking


“Bankino” is the brand name of Middle East Bank’s Neo-bank. MEB started providing the service of digital banking through the Bankino Mobile Application since Shahrivar 1398 (September 2019).

Overall lifestyle changes and impact of digital technology in the daily basis on one side, and new businesses based on new business models on the other side, have accompanied banks and financial businesses with the digital transformation process as well.

Neo-banks are developing with the target of redesigning banks’ services for human of digital age.Neo-banks can provide better and faster services with low cost to customers specially those whom Neo-Technologies are inseparable part of their lifestyle.

In our modern world, banking and payment services, are well integrated with other customer required services. As of today, here is the list of services being provided by Bankino mobile application :

  • Digital KYC
  • Account Opening and Debit Card Providing
  • Providing card’s PIN,Dynamic PIN and One Time PIN for Card
  • Renewing Debit card,
  • Viewing balance and history of the account
  • Viewing details of the card and, accounts transactions
  • Providing Instant loan without collateral
  • Fix Income Funds Investment
  • Security management on transactions based on different payment gateways (Internet payment gateway (IPG), Point of Sale (POS), ATM withdrawal),
  • Corporate Services (Advanced Money, loans, etc)
  • Extra security option on account transactions by setting transaction PIN
  • Bank Internal transactions (to other MEB accounts),
  • Intra-bank transactions (SATNA and PAYA and POL),
  • Card-to-card transactions,
  • Save or delete favorite account numbers, SHEBA (IBAN) numbers and numbers
  • Use Transaction ID in Intra-bank transactions,
  • Utilities and public bill payment,
  • Card management (card suspension, Card blocking, renew card,etc)
  • Customizing visibility of account on the application home page,
  • Application Sign in through biometric authentication (finger printing, face recognition, etc.).
  • To register in BANKINO, you need your national ID code, birth date and your cellphone number.

    It is Mandatory that the registered cellphone number belongs to and registered in the name of the applicant.

    For more information, please contact us through +9821-91009090 or

Digital Account Opening Guide