Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking

We offer specialized services and solutions for large corporates such as "Working Capital Loans", "Letters of Credit", "Bank Guarantees", "Supply Chain Finance Services", "Distribution Companies Facilities", "Factoring", "Machinery and Equipment Financing", "Cash Management", "Syndicated Loans", "Trust Accounts", "Debt Instruments" and "Development Project Loans"

Branches and Distant Banking: MEB intends to maintain a limited number of branches with the goal of offering banking services at the premises of its clients and provide their banking needs at their own offices by sending specialized bank officers. Accordingly, electronic banking, innovations in distant-banking, physical presence at clients’ offices, and whatever other services that would relieve the clients of the necessity to visit the Bank, are prominent in MEB’s long-term plan.

Deposits: On the liability side, MEB will focus on targeted depositors, cash surplus of its credit customers, capital market, and institutional funds. With specialized marketing techniques, target depositors will be identified and offered the kind of services that are unavailable elsewhere. With this approach, it is anticipated that the relationships between MEB and its customers will become a long-term arrangement.

Capital Market: MEB will also focus on the capital market, designing new instruments to meet the requirements of capital market participants and institutional investors.

MEB Bank facilities are available to all viable private-sector enterprises. Still, we intend to understand our corporate clients’ businesses, their inflows and outflows, and customize credit packages suitable for those operations.


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