Corporate Banking

بانکداری شرکتی

One of the main goals of the Middle East bank is to be a pioneer in offering corporate banking services through close relations with the companies, having a clear picture of their financial structures and meeting the needs of such customers by providing a portfolio of financial instruments. MEB, to offer professional and specialized banking services and aim at creating a comparative advantage and enhancing flexibility in responding the customers’ needs, launched the “Corporate Relationship Management” for corporate customers. In this model, each corporate customer is supported by a customer-relationship expert.

The customer-relationship experts are picked from the top graduates of the best universities of the country and grant services to such customers by establishing, and maintaining, dynamic and instructive relationships. The experts evaluate the creditworthiness of the customer and then, using the most up-to-date qualitative and quantitative methods identify the customer’s needs and provide structured services and instruments, along with other diverse services, with great precision, speed and quality.

Enjoying customer-relationship experts not only prepares the ground for offering special services, such as giving consultancy for choosing optimal facilities or taking on commitments, and creating the structure for the facilities to minimize the company’s financial costs, but also elevates the efficiency of the above- said services by concentrating the customer-bank relationship channels.

Middle East Bank services on corporate banking cover: