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Commercial Code

The following legal requirements need to be complied with, in order to start a business in Iran:
1. Deposit at least 35 percent of the subscribed shares in a bank account and obtain a certificate from the bank. This will take one day and no fee is charged.
2. Then, register the company with the companies' registration office (for companies) and pay registration duties. This can be done in 3 days.it will cost IRR 375,000 for registration and IRR 40,000 for searching the name and reserve it.
3. Then, the company representative must place a notice of the company formation in the official Gazette and in the selected newspaper of general circulation. This will take 1 day .Cost on placing the notice is IRR 140,000 for official Gazette and IRR 240,000 for general circulation newspaper.
4. Afterwards, take out the officially sealed books of account within 30 days after the date of registration.
This will take 1 day. Costs will be IRR 100,000.
5. Pay the stamp duty for the share certificate, within 60 days after the date of registration of the company.
It will take 1 day. The costs involved will be equal to 0.2 percent of the par value of the subscribed share capital.
6. Finally, enroll workers in the social security program by opening files for all the employees, before the Iranian Labor Department and obtain a workplace number. This will take one day and no charge is needed to be paid.

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