Cash Management

Cash Management

MEB Cash Management System (MEB/CMS) is an IT based cash management tool for companies to record future payments, receive information about future receivables and project future cash position to make timely, suitable decisions to manage company’s cash flows and reducing financing costs.
MEB/CMS is used to monitor project and manage cash through different reports generated from the system.
System reports provide an overview of data and allow them to drill down to transaction details.

Cash Management and Supply Chain Financing
MEB /CMS is used to efficiently manage cash-flows between member companies of any supply chain and facilitates payables process among buyers and suppliers. It helps supply chain participants optimizing working capital and managing the risk associated with their payables and receivables.

MEB /CMS aims to have the main role in supply chain financing by offering different services and facilities to supply chain members, based on financial interactions between those companies reported by the system.

Key Features
Record future financial events (payment orders and postdated checks) including complete payment information (invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount…).

Observe information on receivable funds (In case the payer uses MEB/CMS for its payments) and receivable checks.

Cash Forecast
Provide a better knowledge of companies’ cash position by looking at a 30-day trend of future cash flows.

Multiple Payment Channels
Intra-bank payments, SATNA and PAYA

Key Benefits
Accessible from Anywhere
Access 100% of your cash management features from anywhere using any popular web-browser.

Integrating and Centralizing the Account Payables and Account Receivables Process
Making payment plans based on projected cash in-flows (based on payee’s information recorded in the system).

Understand Cash Requirements
Integrate all cash transactions and balances across all bank accounts, to gain a better understanding of current and future cash requirements.

To Gain a Complete View of Cash Inflow and Outflows
MEB/CMS provides a complete view of your cash position for up-to-date reporting and forecasting.

Drill Down to Details - Start with High
Level reports and drill down to transaction details.

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