خدمات کارت حقیقی

Cards today are considered as an important and convenient means of doing transactions both physically or online. You may enjoy other electronic banking services such as Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking  or Online shopping by possessing your cards.  
Middle East Bank Cards are all joint to SHETAB network, which is banking network for transactions issued by card. The SHETAB [Interbank Information Transfer Network] system is an electronic banking clearance and automated payments system used in Iran.

Middle East Bank provides all SHETAB*Cards services for the customers:

  • Account inquiry
  • Recent statement
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Money transfer
  • Bill payments through electronic banking channels
  • Purchase transaction [through Physical and Online channels]
  • PIN-1 or PIN-2 modification

Available Cards in Middle East Bank are as follows:

  • Debit card
  • Gift card
  • Bon card
  • Virtual card
  • Credit card

Debit card

Middle East Bank Savings and Current Account holders can access their accounts using their debit cards. Card-related service are available through MEB ATMs and other SHETAB bank ATMs, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking Telephone and POS terminals.

Debit card services

  • 24 hours Cash withdrawal up to 2,000,000 Rials from all SHETAB ATMs
  • Card to card transaction
  • Card to IBAN (sheba) transaction
  • Define mobile no linked to account
  • Define secondary linked account by visiting branch
  • Money transfer through ATMs up to 100,000,000 Rials to SHETAB banks cards

Gift card

Middle East Bank gift card is issued with specific amount for Middle East Bank customers and the card holder can use it only for shopping or bill payment. Gift card holders can do online shopping with their card after receiving internet bank security code and CVV2 code.

Gift card services

  • Personalized note to print on cards
  • Specify amount for gift card up to 20,000,000 Rials
  • Shopping through POS or IPG Notes
  • Cash withdrawal or card to card transaction is not available for gift cards
  • Gift card cannot be recharged
  • Request for reprinting a damaged or lost gift card is possible

Bon card

Bon card is a card that employers, or individuals, may request it for their employees, or whomever they want. Customers may apply in the MEB branches for Bon Card to be issued with a specific amount. Shopping and paying bills are feasible using Bon Card.
Cash withdrawal or card to card transaction is not available for bon cards.

You may do following actions on bon cards:

  • Temporary/permanent block
  • Unblock card
  • Reprint bon card
  • Issue a new PIN
  • Recharge bon card

It is possible to apply for a duplicate card in case of missing, damaged or expired banknotes by the applicant only at the issuing branch. In case of any problem such as loss or theft of the bank card, it is possible to block it by observing the terms and conditions and one of the methods of face-to-face or contact with branches or customer contact center (ASHENA 021-42557) for the applicant.
To receive bon card you should visit a branch of Middle East bank and fill application forms.

Virtual Card

Virtual card is a 16 digits card number which is available for both legal entities and individuals without physics. This card number can only be used for transferring money by cards to the linked account. Money transfer can be done through ATM, PIN PAD, Internet Banking or Mobile Banking.

  • Expiration date of virtual card is 5 years.
  • Virtual card cannot have CVV2 or PIN. Therefore withdraw or card transfer using this card is not possible.

Credit Card

Credit cards are issued in order to provide short term microcredit for individual customers. Credit card holders are able to benefit from their specified credit amount, up to 2 billion Rials, for shopping and other services.

Terms of using a credit card:

  • Purchase period lasts until the end of each month
  • Grace period starts from the end of purchase period and lasts until 7 days.
  • Unpaid bills should be paid as facility with interest rate of 18%.

Credit card candidates:

  • Corporate managers who have active credit lines within Middle East Bank
  • Customers who have accounts in Middle East Bank
  • Individuals who have reasonable revenue

You may access your bills and repay them via your Internet Banking or Mobile Banking account. You may also visit a branch of Middle East Bank.


  • In case of losing your card, please inform the nearest MEB branch immediately or contact to ASHNA relation center (021-42557)). If you have your card number memorized, you would be able to block and deactivate the card any time using your Internet Banking or Mobile Banking. If you have forgotten your credit card pin (PIN-1 or PIN-2) number, you may apply for a new one in any MEB branch by having your national ID card in hand.
  • If you enter your PIN wrongly 3 times in a row, your card will be blocked.
  • If you have forgotten your PIN, having your ID card, you may visit a branch to reset the PIN.