Banking for SMEs

اوراق بدهی

In Middle East Bank, we understand the particular needs and preferences of your business. Tailored approaches are developed by our team to meet your financial needs and help you achieve your business goals.
We offer optimal solutions and products that can help you grow your business.
Our customized services from general banking to Loan, credit packages and Distance Banking Services will provide flexibility and will focus on the financial needs of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

General Banking
MEB offers many services such as Checking and Savings accounts, Debit and Credit Cards, Safer deposit locker, Payment transfer orders, cheque payments and many more.
Open an account with MEB today and experience a variety of high-end services.

Distance Banking Services
Through this service, you can order and receive products and services without visiting the bank. Distance banking will make our representative available at your location to assist you with your specific banking needs and services. Save time and benefit from the security and accuracy of all financial services at your place.

Online Banking for SMEs
Our services under your fingertips 24/7!
Through our safe and convenient online platform, we respond to most of your banking needs. We are committed to the security of all transactions and safeguarding your data at all times. Access to your data and manage your account anytime and anywhere.

  • View and download your statements
  • Pay bills and manage your regular payments
  • Create, view or cancel your payment orders using MEB cash management application

Telephone Banking
MEB Telephone Banking offers most of the banking services you use at your branch.

P.O.S (Point of Sales) and V.P.O.S (Virtual Point of Sales)
Based on your business needs MEB P.O.S and Virtual P.O.S services are ideal solutions for your trade services. The Virtual P.O.S simplifies the Debit/ Credit Card payment processing by turning your browser into a portable point of sale, which allows customer to make quick and easy payments. We guarantee your customer service excellence and the success of all payment transactions. You can visit our branch, and talk to our experts to order your P.O.S today.

Virtual Debit Card for SMEs
Use your virtual Debit card to manage your account transfers!
This virtual debit card will ease the credit of funds into your account and facilitates a card-to-card transfer application through different electronic banking channels

Loans & Guarantees
Grow your business with our direct financing tools and technical assistance on:

  • Factoring and account receivables
  • Working Capital requirements
  • Bank Guarantees
  • Purchases of Equipment and Materials

For requirements and more information, please contact our team experts at MEB

International Services
With MEB’s active presence in many international markets and access to the network of banks in many different countries, we ensure to meet your international business needs.
We offer a broad range of international banking services such as:
  • Opening of Non-IRR Accounts (Different Types, Different Currencies depends on Market environment)
  • Inward and Outward Remittances (special rules and regulations are applied, for more info please contact our specialist team members)
  • Foreign Exchange Services
  • Issuing & Advising Letter of Credits
  • Sending and Receiving Bank Collections
  • International Bank Guarantees
  • Issuing Counter Guarantee
  • Multinational Corporates Banking Services