ASHNA (Customer Relations Center)


Appropriate service provision, enhancing and improving which is obtained by co-thinking and mutual relation between bank and customer. To achieve this, the Middle East bank, as a customer-oriented bank, offers a variety of communication tools to learn about the opinions and have the right responses to your issues.

The dynamism of such interaction is very important to us, because:

  • Helps us evaluate the level of your satisfaction with the quality of the bank’s service provision,
  • We can identify and offer the services you need and make plans to expand and enhance them.
  • Follow up your questions and queries and reply to them at the earliest possible time.

Our experts in the Center are available 24/7 to answer your questions, respond to your requests and give you the necessary guidance.

Contact us through:

  • ASHNA (Customer Relations Center) telephone number: +9821-42557
  • Text messaging (SMS): +98-3000 42 178
  • E-mail address :
  • Handling Customer’s Complaints (Inspection Department):+9821-4217 8888
  • Filling out the online public opinion form at the branch.
  • Filling out the Opinions/Suggestions form on Middle East Bank website.
  • Sending letters to : Tehran, Post Box 15875-4445