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اعتبارات اسنادی داخلی ـ ریـالی

MEB Bank facilities are available to all viable private-sector enterprises. Still, we intend to understand our corporate clients businesses, their inflows and outflows, and customize credit packages suitable for their operations.

Working Capital Loans

Managing working capital is one of the most important components of any business. Keeping this in mind, MEB offers a wide range of banking products and services which are customized to meet working capital requirements of the businesses. By definition working capital loan is used to finance day to day operations of a company; as such MEB working capital facilities would help you to meet your companys short-term cash flow requirements. 

Letter of Credit

A letter of credit is a document issued by a financial institution or a similarly accredited professional party. The letter assures payment to a seller of goods or services provided certain documents called under the letter of credit are presented to the bank. "Letters of Credit" are documents that prove the seller has performed the duties specified by an underlying contract (e.g., the sale of goods contract) and the goods/services have been supplied as agreed. In return for these documents, the beneficiary receives payment from the financial institution that issued the letter. A letter of credit may often be provided to waive a deposit or to prove that the buyer has a proven upstanding financial background. The letter of credit serves as a guarantee to the seller that it will be paid regardless of whether the buyer ultimately fails to pay. In this way, the risk that the buyer will fail to pay is transferred from the seller to the letters issuer. (ie. from custom risk to bank risk) The letter can also be used to ensure that all agreed standards are met by the supplier, provided that these requirements are reflected in the documents described in the letter of credit.

Bank Guarantees

A bank guarantee represents an irrevocable obligation of the bank to pay a specified amount of money in case the debtor does not fulfill its contractual obligations

Supply Chain Finance Services

With the Supply Chain Finance solutions, MEB aims to improve working capital of trading partners by offering new financing options to both parties. The overall goal of Supply Chain Finance is to optimize Working Capital throughout the end-to-end supply chain for both buyers and sellers. 
Sales Finance Programs: helps large corporations to improve liquidity and give them opportunity to offer extended terms of payment to their customers. The seller becomes the preferred provider to the group of its buyers and distributors, and subsequently benefits from an increase in sales and market share.
Suppliers Finance Programs: helps corporate clients with wide supplier networks to negotiate for extended terms of payment and reduction of purchase prices by giving their suppliers access to lower cost financing. The bank provides suppliers with early payment of their invoices based on the buyers credit risk.
MEB factoring facilities will help you by releasing up to 80% (or cost of goods sold) of your invoice value in order to improve your cash flow, so that you do not have to wait to meet your terms of payment. Our Relationship Managers work as a part of your team to supply a managed service for your business. Invoice factoring is a useful financing tool for growing businesses and start-ups, which are trading based on credit terms and invoices.

Cash Management

Cash management is used to schedule fund transfers with prior approvals. Cash management is an internet banking application. By using this application corporate clients will be able to create scheduled transfers for their beneficiaries, and as a beneficiary, they will see their cash inflow details.

Syndicated Loans

If a borrower requires a large or sophisticated facility or multiple types of facilities, this is commonly provided by a group of lenders known as a syndicate under a syndicated loan agreement. A syndicated loan agreement simplifies the borrowing process as the borrower uses one agreement covering the whole group of banks and different types of facility rather than entering into a series of separate bilateral loans, each with different terms and conditions.
MEB will effectively leverage its expertise and experience in arranging syndicated loans for its customers, in order to provide them with high value-added financial services.

Escrow Account

As your trustee, MEB assist you with growing and managing the components of your trust with a wide range of professional asset management services; trust account is largely demanded for real estate development projects.