Supply Chain Finance Services

Supply Chain Finance Services

With the Supply Chain Finance (SCF) solutions, MEB aims to improve working capital of trading partners by offering new financing options to both parties. The overall goal of Supply Chain Finance is to optimize Working Capital throughout the end-to-end supply chain for both buyers and sellers. Sales Finance and Supplier Finance are two main credit facilities in the field of SCF.

Sales Finance
MEB sales finance services are provided on key account receivables at a discounted rate reflective of the buyers creditworthiness
Suppliers Finance
MEB provides suppliers with a discounted early payment at an improved rate based on the buyers credit risk.

The most critical element of a businesss success is its ability to move goods and services efficiently. Supply chain financing facilitates this movement by streamlining the payables process among buyers and suppliers on a domestic, regional or global level.

Optimizing working capital and managing the risk associated with Supply Chain Participants payables and receivables is the main role of SCF.

SCF services and products are mainly available for different supply chain participants.

It works for companies on both sides of the supply chain. Buying organizations can extend their payment terms, and suppliers can get paid earlier. Supply chain finance is a true win-win solution for both trading partners.