Economic Reports

Economic Developments in Iran

The Economic Research Department of the MEB publishes an annual report of the “Iran’s economic developments” at the end of each year. The report aims to depict a vivid picture of Iran’s economy, and hence is found as a useful handbook for both domestic and foreign economic agents and investors. It commences with the major developments of the real sector of the economy, i.e., economic growth and share of the agriculture, oil, industries and mining, and services sectors in it. It also considers the GDP from the expenditures side, followed by the details of the developments of the four aforementioned sectors. The latest labor market indices including the participation rate and unemployment rate are analyzed as well. The report proceeds with going over the fiscal performance of the government regarding current revenues and expenditures, oil revenues, and development expenditures, followed by privatization, national development fund, and the subsidies reform plan. It continues with the latest developments of the balance of payments which includes the changes in the current account and capital account and then the foreign exchange market developments. The changes of the monetary aggregates and the monetary policies adopted, are discussed in the rest of the report, coupled with the details of the banking system’s balance sheet, extended facilities and non-performing loans, interest rates, and organizing the unauthorized financial and credit institutions. The report goes further into the developments of the inflation rate as well as that of the capital market and finally concludes with the latest results of surveys of the country’s business environment including Ease of doing business of the World Bank, Global competitiveness of the World Economic Forum, and also the one carried out by the Majlis (the IRI parliament) Research Center.