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Oman, Iran’s strong partner from past till now: Ex-Iran OPEC envoy

Political and economic ties between Iran and Oman has always been good and strong, leading to the continuation of their cooperation on energy, Iran’s former representative in the executive board of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said.

Mohammad-Ali Khatibi said on Tuesday that Oman has been seeking to cooperate with Iran on gas export, oil storage and development of oil fields at the highest levels, but this has yet to be realized due to unknown reasons.

On the contradictory reports about Russia’s takeover Iran’s crude customers with unusual discount, Khatibi said that many giant consumers in the world use their strategic reserves during the non-peak consumption period and the market faces a lack of demand, leading to some market replacements.

Considering the current sanctions against Russia, it is greatly willing to attract East Asia market, he said, adding that Iran should seek new markets, too, while keeping its traditional customers.

He also noted that a good opportunity has been provided for Iran to revive its traditional market in Europe since the impacts of the sanctions have been mitigated.

Source: IRNA -  Date: (24 May 2022)

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