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Russia strategic partner to Iran

Iranian former ambassador to Moscow Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi emphasizing that the situation in the world is not in a way that a country can live in isolation, said that Russia is a strategic partner to Iran.

According to reports, Iran"s President Ebrahim Raisi is slated to visit Moscow in coming days and meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

In a related development, Iran"s Ambassador to Moscow Kazem Jalali has already said that the upcoming visit of President Raisi to Russia will be a turning point in historical relations between the two countries.

In an interview with IRNA, Sajjadi said on Monday that joining unions and recruiting in the international arena is an economic principle.

Referring to Raisi"s upcoming visit to Moscow, he said that we have had successful cooperation cases with the Russians in fighting terrorism and ISIS in Syria, adding that had it not been for the cooperation between Iran and Russia in Syria, ISIS would be behind Iranian"s borders today.

Sajjadi said that therefore, it is a necessity for each country such as Iran to have a trustworthy partner, so in this time cooperating with our partner in critical situations, especially economic cooperation is a reasonable procedure.

*** Signing the 20-Year Agreement With Russia is very wise

Iranian former ambassador to Moscow Sajjadi, in this interview that Iran has drafted a 20-year agreement to expand its economic ties with Russia, which also includes political and security aspects, and the two sides are determined to conclude a long-term joint and comprehensive cooperation, and how can this long-term and comprehensive cooperation meet Iran"s goals in various fields, especially economy, said that the security interests of the country will be provided, because now in the region, the dangers that threaten Iran and Russia are Western unilateralism and the aggressive stance taken towards Iran and Russia.

Describing President Raisi"s upcoming visit to Moscow as very important, Sajjadi added that the visit can also pave the way for enhancing all-out ties between Moscow and Tehran.

Source: IRNA -  Date: (17 January 2022)

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