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European banks eyeing to work with Iran (07 October 2017)

Financial Manager of German Company KPMG Ulrich von Zanthier said the European banks are eager to maintain cooperation with Iran.

European politicians call for preserving Irans nuclear deal also known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Zanthier who attended Europe-Iran Forum (EIF) in Zurich told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

Danish Bank Danske Bank expressed readiness for financing affairs and the Austrian Oberbank is also very active in financing, he said.

Zanthier also pointed to French Bank Bpifrance as announcing start of financing French investment projects in Iran from 2018.

Bpifrance has allocated 500 million Euros for these projects, he added.

The Europeans have already expressed their unanimous support for the international agreement and welcomed Tehrans return to the financial markets and trade and banking activities despite the lack of commitment shown by the US to the July 2015 nuclear deal.

The first, second and third EIF were held in October 2014 in Britains London, September 2015 in Austrias Geneva and May 2016 in Switzerlands Zurich, respectively.

The fourth EIF wrapped up in Zurich on October 4 in which a number of Iran and European officials exchanged views and examined grounds for expansion of economic and banking cooperation between the two sides.

Source: IRNA - Date: (07 October 2017) 

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