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The Bank’s Strategy

MEB operates primarily as a wholesale bank with a limited number of branches, offering its services to selected groups of businesses and private clients. Accordingly, the bank relies on having an internal organizational structure and delivery channels that are well suited for offering its services with minimal reliance on the branch-system and its geographical coverage.
MEB provides a comprehensive range of banking and financial products and services that are tailor-made to the needs of various business sectors and private banking clients.
With the commencement of its operations, MEB shall pioneer a new standard in the quality of services available in the country, building on the finest international standards in the industry. In the aim for distinction, MEB shall continually improve the productivity of its employees and therefore the profitability of its clients and shareholders. It will achieve these goals by pursuing the following business strategies:

Limited Branch Network
Rather than increasing the number of its branches, MEB’s business expansion will take place through offering premium quality services at its clients’ locations. We cordially welcome you to visit our branches or have us meet and serve you at your workplace – or even residence – if you so desire.

Remote Convenience Banking Services
In an effort to continually increase the efficiency of our services, we offer the convenience of banking without visiting an actual branch. The Middle East Bank shall ,therefore, meet a significant portion of its clients’ needs through more convenient means of remote banking. With the elimination of the urgency that more commonly accompanies the expansion of other banks, we are able to maintain a high level of quality in our services which will greatly benefit our clients. Furthermore, this strategy should lower costs and result in greater profitability.

Bringing the Bank to the Workplace
In an effort to maximize convenience and reduce our clients’ need to attend a branch, MEB will: a) continually improve and expand its electronic banking system; and, b) assign account officers who will personally travel to our clients’ locations of business or residence to provide on-location banking services.

Customized, Client-Oriented Services
Contrary to the more conventional method of providing the same collection of products and services to all clients, we aim to provide customized products and services designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. As a client-oriented institution, MEB will tailor its services to its clients’ needs rather than forcing clients to conform to their bank’s available services.

Recruiting and Training Gifted Graduates
We firmly believe that the quality of our workforce will have far-reaching consequences on our organization’s overall performance and objectives in the long term. As a result, we only recruit the most gifted graduates in the country. These recruits are trained by the finest and most experienced managers and executives. Accordingly, we take great pride in our claim to have the brightest and most dedicated team of young bankers in the banking industry.